The wedding day is a very special occasion, the culmination of months of planning, organisation and diplomacy! An important part of the pre-wedding plans is buying the wedding rings and that can be a stressful undertaking.

The wedding ring is a symbol your love and commitment and is a major part of your marriage ceremony. It is something that you will be wearing every day for the rest of your life, so it’s important to take the time to choose one that will be comfortable on your finger.

Most couples will shop for wedding rings together to make sure they’re getting something that both can appreciate. But, unless you want something very plain, most rings will need to be made to order. It is, therefore, very important that you allow time to choose the rings and to order them well in advance.

Choosing the style of your wedding ring is really down to personal taste but consider very carefully the width of the ring as although wide rings are popular, they may not be that comfortable for some people if worn all the time. Lifestyle is also important as some styles of rings may not be appropriate for certain jobs or sporting activities.

The material that you decide on for your wedding rings is important as some materials stand up to wear and tear much better than others. The considerations for the type of metal for your rings will undoubtedly be based on personal taste, design style, durability and your budget.

Plain yellow gold has long been the standard choice for many couples. However Platinum wedding rings have become very popular in recent years because it is a very dense and strong metal that resists tarnishing. Platinum does come with a higher price tag, so some couples choose white gold instead. While not as durable as platinum, it is more economical.

In addition to considering a variety of metal bands, couples are also expressing their personality through unique diamond settings and coloured gemstones. A great way to express your commitment is to buy a wedding ring set, where the groom’s and the bride’s rings match. Especially popular are channel set bands, where small diamonds are set in a groove, or channel, along the band. Men’s diamond channel rings are also gaining popularity.